Who we are

A Company that loves to create

We are a technology innovation Start-up focused on creating next generation tech gadgets, the team consists of the Founder Abdullah Soomro and some amazing partners and mentors, with an amazing amount of experience in every field. we are trying to bring products closer to people by integrating human centred designs in our product development cycle. Micropower labs has been supported and funded by one of the Largest Accelerators in the world 'Start-up Chile', (A Chilean government accelerator program), and NEST I/O (Google of Entrepreneurs Pakistan)   

What we do

have fun creating Amazing gadgets

Our core competency lies in hardware development our Product  is world's Fastest charging power bank, Flash Pack is 5000mAH power bank that charges up in just 15 minutes, Learn More

we have another product in development which we like to call 'Cooly', its world's first solar powered wearable cooling device.